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Disney Songs That Made My Top 50- The Countdown Continues! (Part 3)

The blog series of ranking 100 Disney songs continues with part 3! Disney has been a part of many childhoods over the decades, and it was a fundamental part of mine. When I had the idea of ranking Disney songs and began writing down songs, I soon discovered that there were just too many to fit into one post, and it became a blog series. For those who are new to the series, you can check out which songs I’ve already ranked in parts one and two.

In part 3, I’ll be continuing the ranking, finally getting into what made it into some of the top 50. I have a feeling as we get closer and closer to the top that my original ranking that I drafted up will change as I realize which ones stick with me as I write about them. That’s make this ranking so much fun. Will I place one of your favorite songs in the top 50, or will it just miss the mark? Keep reading to find out!

60) “He’s a Tramp” – Lady and the Tramp

This is a fun, solid song from Lady and the Tramp. I have fond memories of watching the scene with all the dogs at the pound. I enjoy it, but it’s not one you’d find on any of my playlists. If you still haven’t watched Lady and the Tramp, it’s definitely worth the watch.

59) “Son of Man” – Tarzan

Phil Collins went so hard on the Tarzan soundtrack, and the universe thanks him for it. It’s a solid tune that pumps me up just like most of the Tarzan soundtrack. It has a good chorus and feels very nostalgic. I think it’s worth a listen for anyone, even if they aren’t a Disney fan (but if that’s the case, thanks for being supportive and reading this even though you have no interest. You’re a real one).

58) “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” – Cinderella

This is such a nostalgic track. The fairy godmother is a loving grandmother type whose voice feels like a warm hug. It’s probably the most fun song in the movie, and it’s pretty solid, hence its ranking in the middle category. It’s a song people think of when Cinderella comes up, and it has such a magical quality to it.

57) “Poor Unfortunate Souls” – The Little Mermaid

I’m realizing as I go through my rankings that villain songs aren’t my favorite. So many of them have been in the 50s or below. Despite this, I will say that “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is one of the better villain songs. Pat Carroll, the singer behind this song, has an amazing voice. She really brings forth a sinister vibe in the way she sings. It’s solid.

56) “You’re Welcome” – Moana

We’re reaching the end of the solid tier, meaning these are the best of the category. They’re solid songs but not quite great. That said, “You’re Welcome” is a damn good song. It’s so catchy and beloved by long-time Disney fans and the new generation, for good reason. I also never realized Dwayne Johnson could sing, so that makes it interesting already. He may not be the greatest vocalist, but it’s a solid song.

55) “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” – Cinderella

This is such a magical song. I think of all the Disney movies, Cinderella feels the most fantastical to me. I guess that could be because it follows the typical formula of an ordinary person finding love and becoming royalty. It might be an overdone plotline now, but growing up with it, I loved it. It’s a solid, classic Disney track that you can’t listen to without feeling at least a tad whimsical.

54) “Cruella De Vil” – 101 Dalmatians

Oh, look! Another villain song that didn’t quite make it to the top 50. I guess I didn’t like the bad people, therefore the songs weren’t my favorites. That said, this melody is so catchy. I remember my dad used to go around the house humming it. I can’t even tell you the details of the plot for 101 Dalmatians, but I remember this song well. I wonder if, without it, the movie would be as iconic.

53) “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” - Frozen

So many Frozen songs have been played to death, but that doesn’t change that they’re very catchy and fun. I think this is definitely one of the best in the film. The children singers featured in this with Kristen Bell make it feel so cute and so much better. Fun fact: the little girls singing in the song are actually the daughters of two film crew members. One is the daughter of the songwriters, and the other is the daughter of the director. I also love the cover of this song done by the R&B duo Chloe and Halle Bailey. If you haven’t heard it yet, I’ll link their version too. Their voices are so angelic and perfect for Disney (good thing Halle is going to get to use her singing chops in the upcoming Little Mermaid movie). This song didn’t crack my top 50 only because there are so many amazing Disney songs to choose from.

52) “Circle of Life” – The Lion King

As soon as I see the title of this song, my brain immediately sees baby Simba being lifted up in the air on top of Pride Rock. Ciiiiiircle of life!! This song is epic, truly. The Lion King isn’t a movie I played multiple times a week, but I definitely liked it. I applaud all the work and heart that went into this one. I may not seek it out to listen on my own time, but it’s definitely a song that’s stuck in my head. You can’t think of The Lion King and not this incredible opening song.

51) “My Own Home” – The Jungle Book

This is my personal bias, but that’s just the way it goes with a personal ranking, so deal with it! I hold a lot of nostalgia for this song. I loved The Jungle Book, and I think a big reason is that I was fascinated by the little girl singing this song as she fetches water in the jungle. I used to go around the house singing, “I must go to fetch the water” all the time. I can’t explain why I was so in love with it. I just was. Therefore, it’s in my great tier, even though there might not be much to it. According to Spotify, it’s also the movie’s theme, something I never realized. It’s catchy. It’s hypnotizing. It’s great.

50) “Honor to Us All” – Mulan

Folks, we have made it to one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. Saying this might make you wonder why a song from one of my favorite movies is so low. Well, the simple answer is that there are so many other better songs from Mulan. Still, I enjoy this one. It’s solid. However, it’s probably the one from the soundtrack I play the least. Without the iconic scene to go with it, it just isn’t as fun to play on its own.

49) “Heigh Ho” – Snow White

I can’t believe this movie is so close to 100 years old. Of the few songs featured in Snow White, this one holds a special place in my memories because, of course, the iconic “heigh ho” echoing as the dwarfs march on to work. I always loved the whistling and would try to imitate it, but I could never whistle (and still can’t as an adult), so I would just make chirpy noises instead. But my dad could always whistle it perfectly. It’s in my great tier because of the warm memories I have of it.

48) “Oogie Boogie’s Song” – The Nightmare Before Christmas

I went back and forth on if I wanted to include The Nightmare Before Christmas, but when it came down to it, I knew I had to. It’s another favorite of mine. Those who read our posts around spooky season know by now about my love for Halloween. So, naturally, a story about a whole town whose sole purpose is to prepare for Halloween would be a favorite of mine. BUT, of all the songs from the movie, “Oogie Boogie’s Song” is my least favorite. I know this will be controversial. This is just another example that I must not vibe with villain songs as much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great song, but it’s not a favorite. I’ll listen to it if it comes on, but I don’t seek it out often.

47) “Almost There” – The Princess and the Frog

The newer Disney movies and their songs may not hold nostalgia for me, but there are still some great ones I love to listen to on my own time. “Almost There” is one of them. So much of this movie has a Southern jazz feel that I really love, and I love how inspiring this song is. This tune was a great way for audiences to get to know Tiana and understand what kind of person she is. Anika Noni Rose’s vocals are also incredible.

46) “I See the Light” – Tangled

I’m sure Tangled fans are sick and tired of me already because so many songs from the movie were ranked so low. But here you go! A song from the movie has made it to my great tier. And it really is great. This scene from the movie is so magical and heartwarming. The lanterns, Rapunzel’s looks of wonder, the loving looks from Flynn. It all comes together beautifully. I love it, and I think anyone who doesn’t feel something from this scene doesn’t have a heart.

45) “The Time of Your Life” - A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life isn’t like the other movies on this list because it’s not really one full of songs, especially not to drive the plot. Despite this, I just had to include this song, because it’s a great song. Randy Newman didn’t have to go so hard for Pixar films like Phil Collins did for Tarzan, but he did, and I love him for it. This song plays at the very end of the film as the credits roll, and its lighthearted fun nature was a perfect way to wrap everything up. If you aren’t familiar with this one, give it a spin, because it’s a great one to play anytime anywhere.

44) “He Melo No Lilo” – Lilo and Stitch

This song is so nostalgic for me. I used to watch Lilo and Stitch all the time. All the neighborhood kids loved it, really. I remember listening to this soundtrack all the time because one of them had a CD. I love that Lilo and Stitch makes an effort to include songs in the native Hawaiian language. The song is played in the opening of the film and really established the setting well. I love it, but this is just a case of me liking other songs more.

43) “Just Around the Riverbend” – Pocahontas

Pocahontas is another favorite for me. I thought Pocahontas was so cool, and I loved that she wasn’t the typical princess I was used to seeing. I know this song isn’t historically accurate at all, and the true story of her life is a sad and disturbing one. Still, I can’t let go of the nostalgia I hold for this movie. Judy Kuhn has such a beautiful voice. I love how this song encourages the idea of dreaming big and looking beyond what we know of our lives.

42) “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” – Encanto

One of the coolest newer songs to come out of a Disney movie. I love how this song tells the backstory in such a fun and eerie way. This is one made better by watching the corresponding scene because the visuals are so cool. The cast for Encanto did an incredible job on this track. It’s not my favorite from the movie, but it’s still a great song.

41) “When She Loved Me” – Toy Story 2

To this day, I don’t think I can choose between Toy Story 1 and 2. I love so many things from both. This is another movie that doesn’t have a ton of songs sung by characters to aid the plot. This is one of the exceptions, and a worthy one. This song used to make me so sad (let’s be real, it’s still sad as an adult too). Did you know this song was sung by Sarah McLachlan? I didn’t until I looked it up on Spotify. That explains why it feels so sad. The woman who sings about abused dogs knows how to sing a sad song.

There are some great songs in here, but there are even more to come. Part 4 will be getting into the top 40 (cue the celebratory dance music)! Even though I’ve ranked “When She Loved Me” as the best of this batch, I think the one I find myself playing the most is definitely “Time of Your Life” from A Bug’s Life. It’s just so catchy! Which of these songs is your favorite of the grouping? And let me know in the comments if I already ranked your favorite song! If I haven’t, consider it a good thing because that means it’s ranked higher! Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for part 4 where I’ll be getting into songs ranked #40-#21. Then, we’ll finally be getting into my top 20. These are going to be absolute favorites, the ones I consider the best of the best. Which do you think will crack the top 20? Keep checking out this blog series to find out. Mahalo nui loa iā ʻoe for reading and I hope you’ll continue reading on in this series.

Written by Kristen Petronio


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