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Amazing Disney Covers Everyone Should Hear

For long-time Disney fans, the songs from the movies are iconic. Not only are they pivotal to the stories that Disney fans know and love, but they’re also incredibly catchy. It’s hard to think any alternative versions of the popular Disney songs that could ever come close to the originals. Of course, this line of thinking is clearly subjective. Sometimes, covers don’t hold a candle to the originals. Sometimes, they take a great song and innovate it. And sometimes, they can surpass the originals. Here are some covers that we think are worth listening to, that take a great song and put their own twist on it.

Poor Unfortunate Souls – Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young is a popular name for fans of covers. A YouTuber who is known for his Disney and anime covers, not every cover will hit with the same intensity. But his version of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” really hits right. Despite the song changing from a female voice to a male’s voice in his version, I think it works really well. Beyond his voice, what really elevates this cover and made it stick out to me was his decision to make it a Rock/Metal cover. With such a sinister song like this one, sung by a villain, the genre bend fits so well. The heavy drums in the background overtop his expressive vocals had me mystified. Take a listen for yourself!

Listen on Spotify

Colors of the Wind – Tori Kelly

There isn’t much to really explain why I love this cover. The original is already so incredible, it’s insane to think any other version could compare. Still, Tori Kelly nails this song. Her voice works perfectly for this song. She makes the long a little slower at parts but really brings incredible high notes to other moments that had me enchanted. Take a listen.

Listen on Spotify.

I Wan’na Be Like You – Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is already a well-loved artist by yours truly, so when I discovered they’d covered this song, I could already hear it in my head before even flipping it on. I think it’s the perfect song for the band to cover. Patrick Stump’s voice blends so well with the fast-paced nature of the song. And adding some rock flair to the jazzy-based song really elevates it. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to hear Patrick Stump scat aggressively, you’ll love this cover. You can watch the band perform it below.

Listen on Spotify.

When You Wish Upon A Star – *NSYNC

With such a fun group of pleasant-sounding voices, it would have taken a lot for NSYNC to mess up this song. Taking an a cappella approach, the group puts a boy band twist on the song that works really well for this song that is already slow-paced to begin with. Even if you never got into the boy bands of the 90s and 2000s, I still think this one would be a pleasant one to hear.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman – Chloe x Halle

This sibling duo has been taking the world into the palm of their hand after getting signed to Beyonce’s record label in 2015. With Chloe’s dark tone and strong voice and Halle’s light and classy voice, the sisters’ voices blend so beautifully together. The duo is also no stranger to a cover. They got discovered by Beyonce after covering her song “Pretty Hurts” after all. Their version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” a song where one sister is trying to encourage the other was a perfect song for them. The unique and powerful blend of their voices works well for this song, and it’s one of our favorite Frozen covers. Take a listen!

I Won’t Say I’m in Love – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has such a beautiful voice, and her version of this works well simply because of her range and vocal style. Grande brings a sweetness to the song that wasn’t present in the original. The way the song layers her vocals to take the place of the muses works amazingly. There isn’t much else to say beyond that. The cover speaks for itself. Take a listen. Side note,

Kiss the Girl - Ashley Tisdale

Now this one might be a little biased because I have fond memories of this cover playing on The Disney Channel as a child. I remember loving hearing the way Tisdale made it her own by adding her own personal flourishes (plus the fun music video that upon re-watch transported me back over a decade and felt so nostalgic).

Listen on Spotify.

A Whole New World – Stellar Kart

Taking a pop-punk approach to the song, Stellar Kart’s version of “A Whole New World” is fun, catchy, and a great revamping of the classic. The fast-paced melody they decide to take makes it a whole new song. Take a listen!

Listen on Spotify.

Part of Your World – Dreamhouse

Dreamhouse’s rock adaptation of “Part of Your World” is a wistful journey. The singer’s voice is so beautiful and fitting, plus their use of layering voices in the background works so well for this cover. Dreamhouse manages to bring out an even more emotive side of the song. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Listen on Spotify.

Let It Go – Betraying the Martyrs

This cover may not be for the average listener, but I really enjoy it. It’s a bold move to take such a pop-focused Disney song and make a metal version of it, but Betraying the Martyrs did it, and without apology. Adding some melodic harmonies layered on top of the original melody brings an extra majestic element that is known and done often in melodic metalcore. The song is about letting go of emotions, so it fits quite nicely into this genre. It’s a unique take on the song, and I think it works well. Even if you aren’t a fan of metal, take a listen. You just might like it!

Listen on Spotify.

Disney and its movies are beloved by millions of people, so I’m sure the covers of their many, many classics will not stop anytime soon. The fact that these songs from decades ago can still touch and influence modern artists is a testament to how impactful they are to our society. The covers may never stop, and honestly, why should they? There’s always going to be a creator that has a new take on the classic songs, and I can’t wait to see what other versions people come up with. Which song from our list was your favorite? Is there an amazing Disney cover we missed? Let us know in the comments!


Written by: Kristen Petronio


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