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Savage Content's Favorite Songs of 2023

Updated: Feb 6

2023 is almost over, and what a year it was! Depending on what genres you listen to, this could have been a great year for releases or pretty lackluster. I’m sure that can be said for almost any year in music. There were definitely some great album releases for me personally, but overall, I just wasn’t as plugged into what was being released. Still, it was hard to miss the milestones of this year. Taylor Swift continued to release Taylor’s Versions of her previous albums. Blink 182 reunited with their original lineup and released an album together. There were new albums from big pop artists like Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, and Lana Del Rey. The list goes on, but that’s not what we’re here to do today. Today, the members of the Savage Content team are sharing their favorite songs of the year.  

We have such a diverse group of people behind Savage Content with our musical interests spanning all across the board. You’ll see for yourself just how diverse! I asked the team to list their favorite songs of the year with some explanation for what makes them the best of the best. Because a favorite song of the year isn’t necessarily a new release, but rather new-to-you, I allowed selections that meet those criteria too. Because any music can be new to someone at any time, even if it’s from 20 years ago. Do any of our picks match your own? Take a look and see! 



“What a Time to Be Alive” - Fall Out Boy 

After only like about half of the songs off Fall Out Boy’s previous release MANIA, I was worried I would continue to fade away from liking their new releases, but So Much for Stardust is a return to their roots while still holding the modern sounds of an album like Save Rock and Roll. When I started thinking of top songs, I knew I had to include a song from Fall Out Boy’s album So Much for Stardust. It was pretty easy to decide because when I looked at the track list, my brain immediately sang, “everything is lit except my serotonin.” The song is about having the quarantine blues but also just how insane it feels to be alive in 2023, post-pandemic. It feels like even today, with the risk being lower, things still feel different, at least to me. “What a Time to Be Alive” is catchy, painfully relatable, and just one great song off one of my favorite 2023 album releases.  

“I See Dead People” - The Amity Affliction 

The Amity Affliction is a band that is always brutally honest about the struggles of mental illness and what living with these struggles can be like. Their latest album Not Without My Ghosts is another home run for the Australian metalcore band. I had a hard time just selecting one favorite from this album too, but in the end, I selected “I See Dead People” (but I also really love “Fade Away”). This song is rich with meaning with a great blastbeats and a feeling of dread throughout the entire piece. Some of the band’s more recent work has been described by critics as too basic, and “playing it safe” but a release like this proved the critics wrong that they could still make something unique with their sound. Fans of metalcore will love this heavy-hitting track from The Amity Affliction. 

“Sweet Soft Sound” - Trophy Eyes 

If I had to describe the sound and general vibe of Trophy Eyes’ music in just a few words, I’d choose angry, intense, and melancholy. They can have you screaming along with them on one track and driven to tears on another. “Sweet Soft Sound” is a different track than the type of music I have initially loved from them, but it’s clear that with each album cycle they mature and hone their sound beyond surface level anger and have delved deeper into introspective personal tracks. “Sweet Soft Sound” is the one of those introspective tracks that will captivate you in the first 10 seconds (at least it did for me).  

The lyricism of Trophy Eyes is always impressive, but there’s something so compelling to me about this track. I think it’s because it’s a lot more romantic than other tracks they’ve released regarding love as it talks about growing old with someone. For a band that often discusses the struggles of mental health, it’s surprising to hear the singer speak about something so far in the future. I love the line, “My name the way it sparkles when it leaves your mouth.” The soft feelings toward experiencing a closeness with another person is something I really connected to.  

“Clockwork” - Northlane 

This was a surprise favorite for me. When I was evaluating new songs I loved this year, I remembered fondly the months I streamed Northlane’s discography in anticipation of seeing them live opening for Parkway Drive. I had previously only listened to their 2013 album Singularity. Since that album, the band altered their sound and got a new singer, so I didn’t really check out much until this year. I really love the direction they’re going with their 2022 album Obsidian. I found myself playing “Clockwork” off the album over and over because I’d be grocery shopping, on the treadmill, brushing my teeth – whatever- and this song would be playing in my head. That techno synth opening is such an earworm, and I love how the song balances heaviness with these synth influences. Very cool direction for the band even if it’s different from the 2013 album I used to love. It’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of genre-blends or if you’re a previous fan who hasn’t checked out Northlane in a long time!   


“Honey I'm Home” - McFly  

What can I say? Great lyrics, twangy riffs, crunchy chords and a catchy chorus. McFly's latest album Power to Play is packed with fun energetic guitar blasting songs but “Honey I'm Home” has been one of the songs that has been on repeat in my mind since my first listen through. 

“Satanist” - Boygenius  

Picking a favorite off of Boygenius' The Record is extremely difficult. With gut wrenching lyrics, chill inducing harmonies, and a grunge folk sound you just can't go wrong. That being said if I had to pick one song “Satanist” would be the one. A fun song to blast in your car while you question all the choices you've made in life, question your government, religion, institutions, all while sipping on that pumpkin spice latte that you know cost more and taste worse year after year. 


“Night Shift” - Lucy Dacus  

Thanks to discovering Boygenius this year, I also found this 2019 masterpiece of a song by Boygenius member Lucy Dacus. This song takes you on a beautiful lyrical journey with a fuzzy guitar badass bridge and chorus that demands a sing-along. 


“One More Time” - Blink 182  

Whether you are a long-term Blink fan or not one at all, you can't deny that this song hits emotionally. It’s a reminder that we never know how long we have with someone and that it's never too late to try and repair relationships. 


“Safe and Legal” - Bad Cop/Bad Cop  

Bassist Linh Le takes over lead vocals from Stacy Dee for a very relevant song in 2023. Great band, great song, great message. Nothing else to say.  


“Hope is a Dangerous Little Thing” - The Menzingers  

I discovered The Menzingers four or five years ago and have been a big fan ever since. Their new album came out this year and did not disappoint. This is my favorite track off it.


“Slaughtah Dem (Godly)” - Gift of Gab (feat. Winstrong) 

Gift of Gab was one of the biggest names in the underground hip hop scene for decades. One half of Blackalicous, a founding member of the Quanum/Soulasides crew, he was one of my favorites since I discovered him in high school (thanks, Napster). I had heard he sadly passed away in 2021 after battling a series of health issues, but I hadn’t heard he had an LP and EP out that I didn’t already have. This is from his final LP, and he still was killing it right up to the end.  


“Valhalla, Definitely” - The World/Inferno Friendship Society  

Jack Terricloth was the man behind The World/Inferno Friendship Society. He was the lead singer and wrote the song. The rest was a rotating group of musicians backing him. I found them about 10 years ago or so and they quickly became one of my all-time favorite bands. As Savage Content was really getting going in 2021, I dreamed of finding a way to work with him. Then I learned he passed away from a heart attack in May of 2021. I was sad for his family and friends and all those who knew and cared about him as a person. But selfishly, I was sad I would never see them in person and that I would get no more new music. Then a few days ago I discovered that this album had dropped on October 31. I don’t know the history of the tracks, but I’m glad they exist- one last musical ride with Jack and the sound that no one else will ever have. 



Kali Uchis - live "Llama Llama Red Pajama"  

Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar "The Hillbillies" 

Roc Marciano "Quantum Leap" 

Doja Cat "Paint the Town Red" 


Gunna "fukumean"  


“Lonely at the Top” - Asake  

For me, it’s been a year for Afro beats! This track has an incredible blend of catchy beats and a groove that just sticks with you. 

 “Thunder Y Lightning” - Bad Bunny  

 Trap Bad Bunny is the best Bad Bunny. This song brings his original trap vibe which I love.  

 “Tested, Approved, and Trusted” - Burna Boy 

All you have to do is listen to this song and you’ll see why it’s on this list. Nothing but great vibes.  

“Aislamiento” - Rosalia  

Rosalia’s first album El Mal Querer mixed Spaniard flamenco with urban sounds. It’s genius. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since. She has a way of uniquely expressing herself through her music, which catches my ear every time. This song gives me that wow feeling, as if I just heard El Mal Querer for the first time.  

 “Call It Fate, Call It Karma” - The Strokes  

I’m late to the party on this one. Although this song was released in 2013, I discovered it in 2023. It’s a dreamy, nostalgic track, and creates a sense of introspection and longing, almost like a mesmerizing journey through a different era. 


“Unknown/Nth” – Hozier 

IMO, this is the most beautiful song in all of Hozier’s body of work. What’s more is the story he weaves in reference to Dante’s Inferno (as he does with much of the Unreal Unearth album). Go down that rabbit hole if you dare. 


“Be the Wheel” – Theo Katzman 

A masterpiece. I just wish I could have given Theo a different hat to wear during the filming of the music video. 


“In Your Love” – Tyler Childers 

I’m not crying. You’re crying. 


“I Can’t Party” – Vulfmon 

Too funky to turn off. Side note: I can’t believe Jack Stratton’s quads are made of steel. See for yourself: 


These are the top songs from our team – what are yours? You can listen to all of these songs on our Spotify playlist. Check it out here. We can’t wait to see what new music comes out of 2023. I hope you enjoyed hearing from our team and have found some new songs to check out! Do any of our top picks align with your favorites? Let us know which songs are your favorites of 2023.  

Thanks to every reader who has checked our blogs this year. We hope you’ll continue reading in 2024. Here’s to a great new year! 


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