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Savage Content is proud to produce the upcoming All Without Words Live event at Cincinnati Music Hall on September 20, 2023!


Inspired by the struggles, triumphs, and humanity of his non-verbal autistic son, Justin Morell—a guitarist, composer, and music professor—interprets the recordings of his son’s spontaneous vocalizations to create a stunning array of compositions. Through his collaboration with Multiple Grammy Award-winning trumpeter, John Daversa, the orchestral jazz trumpet concerto All Without Words was born. This important project sparked the partnership between Boundless Arts Foundation and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO) to create this special live filmed experience. 

The world of All Without Words does not end with the live symphony. Savage Content paired with selected artists on the autism spectrum who were commissioned to create paintings inspired by each song variation from the All Without Words program. Check out the series on our YouTube channel.





Justin Morell is a composer, guitarist, and music educator whose work crosses genres between classical and jazz styles. He is an associate professor of music composition and theory at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania. Justin's multimedia work includes notable contributions to Steven Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can, Lifetime Original Movies, TV sitcom The Naked Truth, and The Lion King-San Francisco production. 



“What began as a mission to celebrate neurodiversity became an opportunity for me to connect with my son and hear his voice in a way I had not before,” said Morell. “The music is born of intense emotion—sometimes painful and sometimes joyful—and of hope for a compassionate future where all people are loved and respected for their humanity.”  

John Daversa is a multi-Grammy winning, Emmynominated trumpet player, composer, arranger, producer, bandleader and educator. He is world renowned for his dynamic and emotive style of trumpet and EVI playing, along with imaginative, genre-bending compositions and arrangements. Daversa is Chair of Studio Music and Jazz at Frost School of Music, University of Miami, and an active educator. John Daversa is a Schilke Music Artist and a Burglund Artist.


“The mission and music of All Without Words continues to touch us all on deeper and deeper levels. What a gift it is to ‘sing’ this beautiful narrative through the voice of the trumpet, as this is a human story of unconditional love, deep compassion told directly from the heart.”







Milcho is a Miami-based multi–award winning director, video artist, speaker, and mental health advocate. For almost a decade, Milcho sat on the board of directors of the Florida Chapter of the Recording Academy/ Grammys, where she served as Governor, VP & President until terming out in 2022. She is currently the Director & Creative Director for Savage Content.


“Having been involved with All Without Words from the recording stages of the album to the different multi-layered chapters of this heartwarming project, it’s a humbling honor to be given the opportunity to create this highly emotional, visually stimulating live concert experience. My goal is for all of us to ‘see’ the music, ‘be’ the music, and take those emotions with us after we leave Music Hall

Daniel Wiley has quickly become a notable young conductor on the rise, having made guest appearances with the Denali Chamber Orchestra, Meridian Symphony, Equilibrium Ensemble (Italy), Windsor (Ontario) Symphony Orchestra, London (Ontario) Symphonia, and the University of North Florida Opera. Since the fall of 2022, Wiley has been the Assistant Conductor for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra & Pops, where he is responsible for conducting and covering a wide variety of concerts as well as working with the youth CSO orchestras.




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