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Our mission is to share the universal spirit of childhood through a dazzling video presentation, where the timeless poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks is brought to life through the powerful music composed by Patrick Zimmerli wrapped into an allegorical tale. Children of Bronzeville is a celebration of the joy, imagination, beauty, and freedom of childhood.


Every passion project must begin with a spark. When veteran Jazz composer Patrick Zimmerli first encountered the poems of Gwendolyn Brooks, he was working on the multi-composition Views of Chicago musical project. He was struck by the words of Brooks’ poetry, so much that he wanted to do something more with these pieces. He wanted them to leap off the pages and into the hearts of anyone who would listen.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Kent Savage offered to have Savage Content create a demo of these songs using its Virtual Venue technology, where performances of the artists would be recorded separately in their respective locations and edited together afterwards in a seamless presentation.


The creative minds at Savage Content were mesmerized by these works and eventually decided to expand the project beyond that initial scope. The award-winning director Milcho was brought on board to put her vision into this new project. The work then expanded again to include an Overture and a Grande Finale.

Upon seeing the spectacular videos of the musical presentations brought to life, the Savage Content creative team is now developing an allegorical tale which will wrap around the videos. This will further be enhanced by an online curriculum built around the work of Gwendolyn Brooks, the culture of the section on Chicago’s South Side known as Bronzeville and the timeless and universal lessons that emanate from this very special place.


Plans are also being developed to provide the score of the music of Children of Bronzeville at no cost to music teachers and choir directors around the world. And the rest is history.


Beautiful history.




Milcho  is  a  Director,  Video  Artist,  Creative  Thinker,  and  a  Community  Activator.  Born  in  France  and  raised  in  El  Salvador,  she  has  been  a fixture  of  the  Miami entertainment  industry  for  the  past  30  years.  Milcho's  extensive  work  has  been  broadcasted  on  Major  Television  Networks  such  as  MTV  Networks,  MTV  Latino, Telemundo  NBC,  E!  Online,  and  MGM  Networks.  Content  that  has  been  Nominated  for  EMMY's,  TELLY  Awards  &  IMAGEN  Awards.  


As  a  Music  Video  Director,  her work has earned her a nomination for an MTV Latino Music Video award. Milcho's video installations and photography has been exhibited in International Art Fairs in the US, South America & Europe. Her TEDx talk in El Salvador in 2013 took the audience on a journey through her creative process linked to a mental health condition called Trichotillomania, the urge to pick and pull one's hair obsessively, which she lived with for 27 years until shaving her head in 1999.


Her mission is to bring social awareness about the condition and help build confidence amongst those who struggle with Trichotillomania and other anxiety-related issues.In 2013,   Milcho became elected to the Florida Chapter of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYS Board. Milcho is currently directing "Music Club Kids," scripted music kids show on Youtube; she is the Creative Director and Director for Savage Content and represented by Kreative Kontent, with which she won 2 Silver TELLY's in 2022 for the "Holiday" Telemundo Campaign.

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