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Remembering Wayne Shorter

We had a brief encounter with Wayne Shorter in 2021 when he was one of the judges of our video contest, “How I Fell In Love With Jazz.” Before the contest was underway, we wanted to know what made jazz so special to him. Here was his response:

To me, Jazz means “I Dare You!”

I saw Jazz as a movement, where the musicians, like superheroes, would fearlessly throw themselves into the unknown, exploring new and uncharted territories, while respecting each other’s ideas with the spirit of equality. I embraced this movement as a life mission, and within this mission, I have been trying to raise the nobility of the human condition.

For more than 60 years, Shorter accepted the dare that the music urged. And with his talent and philosophical approach to life, how could he not? From to Polar Music Prize awardee, Wayne’s composition and conquered the Jazz world. As we remember his iconic career and lasting legacy, let’s take a look at some of his best work.


"Speak No Evil"


"Adam's Apple"



"Infant Eyes"

"The All Seeing Eye"


"Night Dreamer"

His Early Work with Young Lions

"Blues A La Carte" (Vee-Jay)

His Work With the Miles Davis Quintet

More Work With Miles Davis Quintet (Full Concert)

His Work With Art Blakey


When honoring Wayne Shorter, we will remember to jump into the unknown. We will remember to find the connection between his composition and ourselves. We will remember that music transcends distance and circumstance. We will remember the way we felt on our first listen of "Speak No Evil," and we will hold those moments of wonder more closely. Rest in power, Mr. Shorter.

Written by Colleen Walker on behalf of Savage Content


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