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Did You Know? The Beatles Edition

The Beatles is the highest-selling band worldwide. They hold the record for most No. 1 albums on the UK Albums Chart, most No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 with a staggering 20 #1 hits. So, it’s easy to say that The Beatles are well-known and loved. And yes, there are tons of super fans. But does the average Beatles fan know these facts about the band? Let us know if you learned anything new!

Unexpected beef...

The Beatles and Elvis Presley didn’t get along. Yes, when The Beatles had the chance to meet Elvis Presley, they were understandably excited to meet another huge top-selling artist. However, after meeting the extremely popular singer, it was clear they would butt heads as Presley didn’t like their anti-war sentiments, especially John Lennon’s dislike of Lyndon B. Johnson who raised stakes in the Vietnam War (Source). After the meeting and brief jam session, Lennon had said that he thought Elvis was disinterested in talking with them and that he wasn’t as engaging as he’d pictured. John Lennon was infatuated with Elvis Presley as a teenager, and it’s been said that Elvis was a big reason why Lennon pursued a career in show business. So, this meeting was a disappointing one.

Very Little George Live...

The only George Harrison song to be played live by the Beatles was “If I Needed Someone,” which they played on their 1966 tour. Before 1963, Harrison hadn’t even composed any songs for the band. But over the course of their career, he had composed about 22. So why was only “If I Needed Someone” played live? Well, for starters, it’s important to note that many Beatles shows weren’t as long as headlining shows we’re used to. Most were only about a half-hour. With Lennon and McCartney being the main lead voices of The Beatles, giving Harrison or Ringo too many songs of their own would have thrown off the dynamic and kept some fan-favorite hits from being played. This song managed to make its way into their sets because it was an up-tempo number that worked well in a live setting (Source).

Stolen Property...

George Harrison’s song “Blue Jay Way” has led to the repeated theft of the Los Angeles street sign with the same name. A beloved song off of the Magical Mystery Tour album, it’s no surprise a street sign referring to the Beatles song would be popular to get ahold of among fans. It’s been said that the song was written at a house on Blue Jay Way in Hollywood Hills while George Harrison was waiting for The Beatles’ publicist Derek Taylor, who was lost in the fog in the Los Angeles canyons (Source).

The Beatles’ hometown once got petty...

All four members of The Beatles were born in Liverpool, more specifically Merseyside. Their rocket to fame is what helped put their hometown on the map. So, it was only natural for the city to want to pay tribute to their legacy. They decided to give a topiary tribute in honor of the talented group in 2008. Only when it was unveiled, Ringo’s leafy head was cut off. Why? Because Ringo Starr had said that he missed nothing about his hometown. Liverpool sure took that comment personally and didn’t want Starr’s leafy head to have any tribute in return.

Accessible songs...

It’s been found by researchers that several songs by the Beatles may help children with autism and other disabilities. Specifically, they cite the songs “Here Comes the Sun,” “Octopus’ Garden,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Hello Goodbye,” “Blackbird,” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (Source). Why, might you ask? Well, these songs have imaginative lyrics that are easy to understand, and melodies that are easy to sing. This can help someone with autism to connect and enjoy the music without worrying about sensory overload. While the songs weren’t written with this intention, it’s very cool to know the impact their songs have made.

Was there anything we mentioned that you didn’t know? Is there anything really interesting we left out? Let us know in the comments!


Special thanks to the following sites for most of the facts discussed in this blog.

Written by Kristen Petronio


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