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Christmas by Cher: An Album Review

I knew Cher finally put a Christmas album out into the ether. I just didn’t think to give it a thorough listen until I was shopping at Target one day in late November. “Wait. Is that Cher? Is this Christmas disco?”

And yes, it was.

I adore Cher for her timeless talent and fearless authenticity. The fact that she—after decades of Santa-free hits—decided to put out a Christmas album is so fierce. Especially because none of the songs really match. She really said, I’m Cher and I can do a Christmas album how I want.

After baking some holiday scones while listening to “Christmas” (a title that is equal parts lazy and so very fierce), I have come unto you with a quick and dirty album review.

For starters, I want to echo Cher herself: “This is not your mother’s Christmas album.” While it does feature a few classic songs like “Santa Baby” and “Run Rudolph Run,” Cher debuts new Christmas classics of many different genres. I won’t go through each song, one-by-one, but I will group the tracks and provide a bit of commentary. This is a review after all.

Before we begin, check out the track list below for a sense of what I’m about to discuss.

1.      “DJ Play a Christmas Song”

2.      “What Christmas Means to Me (with Stevie Wonder)”

3.      “Run Rudolph Run”

4.      “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (with Darlene Love)”

5.      “Angels in the Snow”

6.      “Home (with Michael Bublé)”

7.      “Drop Top Sleigh Ride (with Tyga)”

8.      “Please Come Home for Christmas

9.      “I Like Christmas”

10.   “Christmas Ain’t Christmas Without You”

11.   “Santa Baby”

12.   “Put a Little Holiday in Your Heart (with Cyndi Lauper)”

13.   “This Will Be Our Year”


The Duds

I felt that “Drop Top Sleigh Ride (with Tyga)" very obviously pandered to a young audience and was a little silly sounding because of it. I really can’t look away from the lyrics of Tyga’s verse, such as “Sit on my lap, your Santa’s here/Red suit, no beard/Throwin’ money to the chandelier.” I don’t love thinking about Santa in that way, tbh.

“Put a Little Holiday in Your Heart (with Cyndi Lauper)” was, I feel, such a weird addition to this album. I don’t love the “We Are the World” vibes that these lyrics give. I would have replaced this song with “Pretty Paper” if she wanted to go for the heartstrings. Not my favorite.


The Welcomed Classics (The Ones You Can’t Mess Up)

I’m lumping the following into this category: “Run Rudolph Run,” “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home (with Darlene Love),” “Please Come Home for Christmas,” “Christmas Ain’t Christmas Without You,” “Santa Baby” and “This Will Be Our Year.” The duets featured in these are star-studded and incredibly festive and I’m sure Cher had a ton of fun recording these tracks. These are all wonderful to listen to and some may even replace the earlier versions on my playlists. However, there is nothing innovative to these……and that’s okay! We love an old faithful.


The Gems

“What Christmas Means to Me (with Stevie Wonder)” was such a successful duet. Cher and Stevie’s really do complement each other. I will be playing this one for years to come!

Why do I like “I Like Christmas” so freaking much? Is it the swanky blues line? Does it just feel good on my brain? I love this original song for her! I think it really suits her contralto voice so very well and I love that she recorded this one alone. I can’t think of anyone whose voice wouldn’t have jolted me from the ambience of this track. Brava.

I know this is going to come off as so silly, but Cher’s voice on “Home (with Michael Bublé)” sounded so much like Cher—like a parody. Am I the only one thinking this? Anyway, I’m such a hopeless fan of Michael Bublé and having his feature on a Christmas album almost makes it…more official? It’s a great collab, in my biased opinion.


The MVPs

“DJ Play a Christmas Song” and “Angels in the Snow” are the two tracks that I have on a disco loop. Truly my favorites because they are so undeniably influenced by Cher. Respectfully, these are on soundtrack of an icon. Just. Magnificent.

Cher's influence is a testament to the indelible mark she has left on the entertainment landscape. With a career spanning over six decades, she stands as a multifaceted icon, seamlessly navigating the realms of music, film, and television. Cher's impact is embedded in her unparalleled ability to reinvent herself, effortlessly crossing genres from pop to rock, dance to country. Cher's influence transcends generations as her resilience and success in a male-dominated industry have paved the way for female artists. Beyond entertainment, she has become a cultural touchstone, particularly in LGBTQ+ communities, championing social causes and humanitarian efforts. Cher's enduring presence, amplified by her engaging social media persona, underscores not just her talent but also her status as a philanthropic, fearless, and truly influential force.

I welcome this new holiday record that has allowed Cher to explore her favorite time of the year, and I am so excited to blast “Angels in the Snow” for the next two weeks because that song is such a perfect, mindless sing-along that I will never tire of.

Merry Christmas from Cher and Savage Content!

Written by Colleen Walker


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