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A Haunting Playlist for Spooky Season

We're almost to The Witching Hour, i.e., Halloween. Also known as my favorite time of year. If you follow our weekly blogs, you’ll know I posted a spooky Jazz playlist a few weeks back to start your October off right. You can check out that blog here. With Halloween tomorrow, I wanted to create one more playlist for you wonderful readers to bump as you prepare to for the holiday.

I didn’t want to do just any sort of playlist. I wanted to give it a fun theme, and what better theme for a spooky season playlist than songs that feature the word “haunt”? There are dozens of great songs to choose from, but I selected 20 that I think fit well together in a haunting way. Artists from all kinds of genres made it into my list, so there’s a little something for everyone. Give the playlist a listen while you get ready to pass out candy or dress up for the evening. By the end, you may feel haunted, but what better day to feel that way than on Halloween?

I’ll be linking the YouTube videos below, but you can also find this playlist on our Spotify here:

“Haunted” - Taylor Swift

“Haunted Heart” - Christina Aguilera

“The House is Haunted” - Hannah Gill

“Haunted” - The Band Camino

“Haunted House” - Sam Sham and the Pharoahs

“Haunted” - Evanescence

“Came Back Haunted” - Nine Inch Nails

“Haunted Jazz Club” - Karmawin

“Haunting Me” - Dave Grusin

“Haunted” - Beyonce

“Haunted House” - Mckenna Grace

“Haunting” - Halsey (Fun fact, this was used in the 2014 horror film It Follows)

“Haunt” - NEFFEX

“haunt u” - Lil Peep

“Haunt” - Bastille

“You Haunt Me” - Sir Sly

“Haunted House” - Matt Schuster (I linked the campfire acoustic for the fall ambiance)

“Say You’ll Haunt Me” - Stone Sour

“Haunted Heart” - Jo Stafford

“Haunted House” - Teenage Bottlerocket


Given the theme of this playlist, the songs don’t really need my usual explanation. Haunt is in the title, and therefore it’s on this playlist. I had a lot of fun adding some of my favorites and then searching Spotify for more songs that fit the theme. I hope you find something new you haven’t heard before, because I definitely did. I hope your Halloween is a hauntingly good time made even better by this playlist.

Written and compiled by Kristen Petronio


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