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20 Great Songs You Need to Add to Your Winter Playlist

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

It’s that time of year you either love or you hate. Some see snow falling and rejoice, staring in wonder as white blankets everything. Others see snow and feel a headache coming on. Some love to layer up, feeling the chilly winter air redden their cheeks. Others would rather curl under a pile of blankets and never leave the house during the colder months. Depending on where you live, winter usually equals cold. It’s a hazy, dreary time of year where the sun only peaks out on a good day, and even then, for a shortened amount of time. All the days blend together. After the holidays, there’s little to look forward to for months. If you haven’t figured it out already by the tone of this introduction, I’m of the part of the group who doesn’t like winter. I respect the energy winter lovers are putting out, but that is simply not my vibe and never will be.

But one thing that has always helped me through this dreary time of year is music. Throwing on a good playlist can get you in a wintery spirit, even if it’s just from the warm safety of your bed. So, I’ve put together a playlist that feels like winter to me. Because sometimes I like to indulge in winter vibes and add to the ambiance, and sometimes, make a drab day feel even more drab. I’m dramatic, sue me!

Curl up with a blanket and a hot beverage, throw this playlist on during a cold, windy day, and feel some wintry bliss.

1. “Love Like Winter” – AFI

This song is constantly playing in the winter months for me. Throw on the music video for some extra snowy vibes. The entire album is called Decemberunderground, so the winter feeling can be found throughout it.

2. “Hazy Shade of Winter” – Simon and Garfunkel

The title for this one says it all. As the seasons change, let Simon and Garfunkel ease you into the change.

3. “Shut Your Eyes” – Snow Patrol

This is such a relaxing tune. From the first line, you’ll feel the wintry vibes.

4. “The Ice is Getting Thinner” – Death Cab for Cutie

This is one of the sadder tracks on here, but with the gloom of the season, it fits well. Plus, the inclusion of ice.

5. “The Grey” – Movements

Movements captures mental health struggles in a creative, melancholy way that fits well in winter and “the shortening of the days.”

6. “The New Year” – Death Cab for Cutie

The title explains why it fits well for winter. Do you feel different when the new year hits?

7. “Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol

This one is less so subject matter and more about vibes. This song just feels wintry.

8. “Sweater Weather” – The Neighborhood

Throw this song on as you put on a cozy sweater and the snow falls outside.

9. “January Rain” – Pvris

This song is about a breakup, but it has a great wintry motif to capture those feelings.

10. “’Tis the damn season” – Taylor Swift

This entire album has a winter vibe, but this track describes the holidays without being your typical upbeat Christmas song.

11. “Wintertime” – Norah Jones

If you battle with seasonal depression like I do, this song will make you feel understood.

12. “Let It Be” – The Beatles

This might just be me, but this one is a good winter track. It has a hopeful vibe that makes me feel better in the colder months that seem to drag on forever.

13. “The Night We Met” – Lord Huron

This is a good nighttime winter track to throw on.

14. “Winter Song” – Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

This song really captures how I and many others feel in winter. The isolated feeling is evident in this track.

15. “Sell Me a Coat” – David Bowie

This song is very winter-oriented, and the melody will definitely put you in a winter mood.

16. “Solitude” – Billie Holiday

In a time when people feel more isolated than ever, Billie Holiday is here to help you sit in those feelings.

17. “Winter” – Bayside

When it’s that in between where winter has overstayed its welcome, and you’re ready for spring, throw on this Bayside track.

18. “Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t” – Brand New

This is another one that’s chosen simply from my own personal vibes. I associate this entire album Deja Entendu with the winter months. If you want a thought-provoking slow track to throw on as you stare at the cold outside, this is it.

19. “A Series of Springs and Falls” – Foxhole

I had to throw in some instrumental tracks because sometimes, you don’t need words to express a feeling. I love the trumpets in this one. This whole album We the Wintering Tree is a solid winter album.

20. “Trapped in Ice” – Lawrence English, Ai Yamamoto

This last one is the more ethereal on the playlist. It’s the song that embodies winter completely.

Thanks for checking out my curated winter playlist. You can listen and save the playlist on Spotify here:

Let me know which songs are on your winter playlist that don’t fall under the Christmas music umbrella. Is there always one artist you find yourself playing a lot during the colder months. For me, it’s always Death Cab for Cutie, Brand New, and Snow Patrol. Winter is a quiet time that moves slowly, and that’s what I like in my wintry music. What about you? Let me know in the comments!


Written by Kristen Petronio

Feature image sourced from Pexels (Artist: Hasan Albari)


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